Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I finally found what you’re looking for! (Yes, a BOGO on Amasai!)

Why is it so hard to find a cultured dairy product that has everything you never knew you always wanted? I faced that same question five years ago. I would comb through health food stores all over the country and look for a healthy dairy product - only to be frustrated.

More than anything, I formulated and created Amasai, the Beyond Organic cultured dairy beverage, because it was something that I needed. I wanted a cultured dairy beverage that was made from cows that were 100% grassfed. I wanted it to be certified organic. I wanted to be free of GMOs. I wanted it to have multiple probiotic cultures. I wanted the ideal balance of proteins that could satisfy the most sensitive palate and stomach. I wanted it to use whole milk that wasn’t skimmed. In short, I wanted the perfect cultured dairy beverage—so I went ahead and made it myself.

Click on the short video below (or click here) to learn more about Amasai.

BOGO Amasai Special

The only thing better than Amasai is . . . FREE Amasai!
Enjoy Buy One Get One Free Milk & Honey Amasai now through 7/20/14, or while supplies last!

For a limited time, enjoy two six packs of Amasai Milk & Honey for the price of one! Amasai embodies health and flavor in a true, whole milk, and GreenFed dairy beverage. Every sip you take pays homage to our Olde World cows—and the ancient culturing methods their milk benefits from. With over 30 probiotics and sweetened with organic honey, Amasai Milk & Honey is an undeniably nutritious, refined, cultured sensation that will bolster your health and awaken your passion for dairy. 

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In Health,
Jordan Rubin