Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 10 All-American Food Myths

I ran across this fascinating article yesterday that’s based on the book, The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan. In the book, Tracie shares how she went on a year-long undercover journey to explore the ins and outs of the American food chain. During her year undercover, she worked as a picker in the garlic fields of California, a stocker in a Detroit-area Wal-Mart, and a kitchen worker at a Brooklyn Applebee’s. Her findings are summed up in this article and shed light on topics like:
  • how people of different financial means prioritize health
  • where your produce is grown
  • the abundance of factory farms
  • the lack of food in the land of plenty
  • why you might not be saving at Wal-Mart

For some reason, Rush Limbaugh had a lot to say about the book, but I’m more interested in what you have to say about the book or the article.

What do you think of her findings? What’s the most surprising myth? What’s eating Rush?