Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don’t Mince Words

Last week the American Medical Association came out with an official statement, declaring that they saw no health purpose for labeling genetically modified foods.

Then they also said, “we urge the FDA to remain alert to new data on the health consequences of bioengineered foods.” As it stands now, food manufacturers are only encouraged to consult with the FDA in advance of bringing a GMO product to market— which is a scary thought. Do you think the big six really care what the FDA thinks about their newest laboratory invention enough to voluntarily consult them? And even if they did, what would the FDA do about it? Will the FDA be funding long-term human studies on each of the new products to determine their safety for consumption?

It seems to me that the collective meaning of the statement that the AMA put out are basically this…and I’m paraphrasing, of course…

“Um, we do not know if genetically modified food is bad for you, but we are certainly not going to be the ones to oppose the massive and very powerful food companies on this issue, therefore we recommend that the FDA be the organization that takes the blame in the next decade if it turns out that we were clearly wrong in our decision and that products with genetically modified ingredients do in fact cause asthma, allergies, inflammation, poor liver function, accelerated aging, kidney problems, pancreas problems, spleen problems, infertility and intestinal damage in humans like they do in animals.”

So, you ask— why not just label GMO foods since most foods already contain labels anyways, and it would be very simple to add a few words letting consumers know that a product contains GM ingredients?

The answer?

Corporate profits.