Thursday, April 12, 2012

FDA passes antibiotic guidelines that will do absolutely nothing

Well, well, well, it turns out that pumping livestock full of antibiotics is bad for us. Readers of this blog are well aware of this fact, and most of us have been for over a decade. You know it’s become a big problem when the FDA steps in and admits that maybe we’ve gone to far.

A quick review. Crowded, inhumane living conditions that are the norm in conventional feedlots have lead to the poor health of livestock. In order to combat that sickness, antibiotics are added to feed and water, providing a constant source of antibiotics. This problem with the overuse of antibiotics is that germs become resistant to these antibiotics, so when we need them, they don’t work. How prevalent are antibiotics in our food supply? The article notes that an estimated 80% of antibiotics are used on animal farms.

The key part of this article, the one that really bothers me, is that the FDA is “requesting” that Big Pharma “voluntarily” reduce the amount of antibiotics they sell to farmers and ranchers. The FDA assures us that they have “worked closely” with the drug companies and “expect” them to comply with the new guidelines.

Fat chance. The FDA is asking drug companies to make less money. That’s never going to happen, no matter how many times the FDA says “Pretty please.”