Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Egg Factory Filth and Cruelty

For those who are familiar with the unscrupulous practices of factory farming, this article won’t come as a shock, but perhaps it will serve as yet another wake-up call for regulators, food distributors, retailers and American families, who frequently turn a blind eye to the inhumane animal living conditions and potentially dangerous foods being turned out by Big Poultry.

Lest people think that this is a small or isolated case, I must point out that Kreider Farms is home to close to seven million egg-laying hens.  Seven million! And let’s not forget about last year’s incident involving Sparboa Farms, the country’s fifth largest egg producer, where conditions were so bad that the FDA had to issue a company-wide warning citing "serious" and "significant violations" at five different locations, including at least 13 violations of the federal egg rule meant to prevent dangerous salmonella outbreaks.

The animal and health hazards pointed out in these stories are just a few of the reasons why I choose to consume organically raised, pastured eggs over commercially farmed eggs.