Friday, February 17, 2012

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To . . . Have Chickens?

How awesome is this guy? On ¼ acre of land, he manages to raise, by his estimation, 2,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables a year. Now, he’s fighting local ordinances that prevent him from having egg-laying hens.

As the article points out, there is plenty of precedence in neighboring towns, and it is likely that he will win his fight. He has support from the mayor and the local environment commission—this is simply a case of outdated laws needing to be changed, which we all know doesn’t happen quickly when government is involved.

What I really love about this article is that it highlights where fundamental change in our food production regulations is most likely to be made—at the local government level. While it may feel impossible to fight Capitol Hill, you can fight City Hall.