Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taxpayer Money to Fund Potato Chip Manufacturer

Last week we blogged about the USDA school lunch guidelines, and their attempt to tell you what your children can and can’t eat at school. A few weeks ago, we discussed how the USDA has teamed up with Big Dairy to mandate the inclusion of low-fat milk in school lunch lines.

Now comes news that the USDA is in the potato chip business. Through their taxpayer funded grant program, a potato chip manufacturer in New York received almost $50,000 to help market their potato chips.

Seriously, the same bureaucratic geniuses that created the food pyramid (which is now a circle although the website is redirected here) and sees fit to determine what’s healthy for your kids, is doling out your money to a potato chip manufacturer?

This should surprise nobody. The USDA constantly puts itself in bed with Big Agriculture while at the same time attempting to promote their version of healthy eating. In this case, the USDA wants to have their potato chip and eat it too.