Monday, February 6, 2012

Guess How Much Vaccine Conventional Cows Receive?

We don’t vaccinate the Beyond Organic cattle. We don’t give them growth hormones or antibiotics. Instead, we rely on holistic, humane raising of the animals, feeding them their natural diet, and allowing them to freely roam instead of penning them shoulder-to-shoulder. For conventionally raised cattle, the massive amount of drugs they are shot up with is done so because they live in horribly confined conditions where disease passes quickly, or because the animals are not being fed a diet that is natural to them.

Now we come to find out that some ranchers aren’t even dosing properly.

This article shocked me. Since we don’t vaccinate our cattle, I always assumed that those who did followed very detailed protocols. As the article states, many ranchers don’t weigh their cattle before dosing. Instead they estimate the weight and extrapolate the dosage from there. The only problem with this is that on average cattle weight was underestimated by an average of 47%! That means that those cattle were given drug doses that fell far short of what the science dictated.

Think about the implications of that. The cattle are not fed their natural diet and are kept in living conditions that require them to take drugs to stay “healthy.” However, many ranchers don’t give their cattle the proper dosage of drugs because they are guessing how much the cattle weigh! This despite great technological advancements that help accurately weigh a cow. You know, like a scale.

Here is some advice for those ranchers. Why don’t you try raising your cattle in a more humane way? Why don’t you try a cattle-raising method that doesn’t require drugs? And at the very least—buy a scale.