Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Government Wins Case Against Amish Raw Milk Farmer

Let’s do a rundown. The FDA will silence its own internal critics when Big Pharma needs them to. They will ignore concerns over excess arsenic in fruit juices. Even the USDA has gotten into the act, mandating unhealthy products for your kids.

Now comes the disturbing news that the FDA has shut down an Amish farm that was selling raw milk.
Do you really think the federal government has your health interests in mind?

Look, I understand that the farmer in question broke the law. He shipped raw dairy across state lines, which, according to the FDA, represents a grave health risk.  I disagree with the FDA (big surprise), but whether or not you think Raw Milk is safe is not the issue.

We have ample evidence that shows the federal government does not have our best interests in mind. Furthermore, it’s shouldn’t be their job to tell me what foods I can and can’t put into my body. That is my choice, and my choice alone.

Too many Americans have abdicated personal responsibility for what they put into their body. Instead, they rely on the federal government to tell them what is healthiest for them. Personally, I can’t conceive of a worse group to rely on to educate people about what is healthy and what isn’t.