Monday, January 30, 2012

UK Teen Lives—and Almost Dies—on Chicken Nuggets

Many of you may have seen the Morgan Spurlock documentary Super Size Me in which Mr. Spurlock did nothing but eat fast-food for 30 days straight. The movie chronicles the horrible physical and emotional changes that occurred, and is a scathing indictment on the entire fast-food industry.

Now, it seems, a teenager from the UK has unwittingly recreated the scenario first shown in the documentary. Sarah Irvine has reportedly eaten little else but chicken nuggets since the age of 2. As a result, the 17-year-old was recently hospitalized after she collapsed at work.

Obviously there is plenty of blame to go around. We already know you can’t trust fast-food restaurants to look out for your health, and we can’t trust the government to step in and do what’s right. Of course, the poor girl’s parents should have never let it get to this. They had to enable her in order for her to get to where she is today.

Food addiction cases like this one are a serious matter, and as this story shows, food addiction can start at a young age. The best way to avoid a scenario like this is to never let it start in the first place. Please make sure you are feeding your children only the best foods on the planet. And please say a prayer for anyone like this young woman who is afflicted with an addiction that would have been so easy to avoid.