Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Livestock Wins the Right to Treat Cows Inhumanely

As reported by CNN, the Supreme Court struck down a California state law that would have required livestock operations in that state to humanely treat downed livestock. The California law was enacted in 2009 after the humane society shot footage (beware, this footage is graphic and disturbing) of downed cows being bulldozed and hosed.

Big Livestock fought the law all the way to the Supreme Court, supported by the Obama Administration, and won when the Supreme Court decided that the California law went too far and effectively limited the federal standards set forth in the Federal Meat Inspection Act.

While the decision was not surprising, it was disheartening. Have we lost our moral compass? Who in their right mind would argue for less humane treatment of animals? When should it ever be ok to bulldoze a defenseless, hurting creature that God placed on the earth?

I believe that we should revere the animals that feed us. I think we should honor and cherish them. I believe that we are morally bound to treat them in the most humane manner possible. I also believe that it is on each of us, personally, to stop this madness, because you can’t trust Big Livestock to do the right thing, and you can’t trust Big Government to watch your back. The only way Big Livestock will ever change is when we vote with our wallets and refuse to be a part of their inhumane empire.